Seattle Summer Sunrise


As the summer wanes (although it doesn’t seem to be doing so in VA), some people I know may want a reminder of what they once had. Well, maybe twice. I took this toward the end of our visit when the clouds finally pushed off for good on July 4th. Or at least for a couple days.

I took the POD with a panoramic app, I can’t remember which, either Photosynth or DMD Panorama. Here’s a regular shot:

I love this view not only because of its familiarity and beauty, but because of the memory of those clear and crisp summer mornings in Seattle, the likes of which we don’t get here until October. But now looking at these shots, all I can think is, “Wow, that’s a huge satellite dish.”20120905-210418.jpg


One thought on “Seattle Summer Sunrise”

  1. Wondered where you took this from, until I realized that you were running earlier than I was awake, and must have been on the Belmont Street bridge. Lake Union: I’ve been seeing it out my window from one side or the other for 47 years. You make it look good.

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