One of the delights of having children is opening your photo library to find pictures of blurry tonsils, close up lego men, and dog butts. You can therefore understand how pleased I was to discover this! Those kids are slowly but surely becoming more sophisticated photographers, at least in their choice of subject matter. Or not.

Regardless, I decided not much more should be done beyond cropping out a shadow or two, so I opened it in Process only to discover no cropping tool! I concede that you could take care of trimming a photo first in the library, but what about straightening? That’s an option in neither app. Of course, I had to turn to Snapseed to really take care of business. Today’s experience and two big developments in iPhoneography lead me to pose these questions:

  • Will the iPhone 5’s native editing feature allow for straightening?
  • Will Snapseed go south, north, or some other direction now that its parent company, Nik Software, was purchased by Google in an attempt to develop a rival to Instagram?
  • Will Process be an app that I actually use?
  • Will tomorrow’s POD be of a dog butt?

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