Force of Nature

20121127-183819.jpgI got another app. I heard it was free and it sounded simple. It’s called Bleach Bypass, and both those claims were true. You pick or take a picture, choose an effect (of just several choices, but you adjust the effect’s intensity), and then you save/share the photo.

20121127-183845.jpgThe app purports to “add a cinematic quality” to images and saves them at full resolution. I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but I guess it has to do with vignetting, increasing contrast, muting color, and stuff like that. All I know is I like how the edit came out, and it wasn’t forced into a square format. Good enough for me.


20121126-171712.jpgIt’s been a while since I got or discussed a new editing app, but an FB friend posted a picture and I had to know what app she’d used. Fortunately, she shared her secret, and it was AfterFocus for a mere 99¢. You can opt to take a picture (or 2) or use one from your library, as I did here. Many of my iPhone pics from D.C. were less than par for a variety of reasons, not least of which were the hordes of tourists in the background, especially at the Lincoln memorial. This app allowed me to blur them away. 20121126-171725.jpgI chose the “Smart Edit” option, whereby you simply draw a line on (not around) the area you want to remain in focus (white lines), then you select the Background tab from the bottom menu and draw lines to indicate the area to blur (black lines). The app selects the areas for you, so you don’t have to mask the entire area yourself, which can be tricky to get the edges well defined. You can easily make adjustments if it doesn’t get it quite right the first time. 20121126-171738.jpgYou can then adjust the blur intensity and other variables you see here. You can also apply some basic filters as desired.20121126-171745.jpgI am particularly interested in this because oftentimes I’ll get decent pictures of the kids, only to realize our messy house or some other unsightly image is in the background. I’d say this is a jolly good app!


Why I Love Winter

20121125-151004.jpgI took this around 6:15 this morning and realized it was reminiscent of another I had used as a POD almost 9 months ago, although not through this website. When I began forwarding a photo a day, I emailed the photos or sent them through Instagram. When I sent Signage Haiku, there was more explanation required, and I figured I should use a format that allowed for more description and elaboration. The picture below was the fourth of eight photos I put out before I set up the site. 20121125-151728.jpgI love these perfectly still, crisp, humidity-free predawn moments. I also delight in the fact that I can take these shots unimpeded by foliage and without getting attacked by mosquitoes. Yes, I love winter.