Aloft in the Loft

20121228-160530.jpgIf the season’s favorite gift could be determined by the time spent playing with it, the laughter it produced and the number of souls who enjoyed it, the winner this year was a red balloon.

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We were lucky to see snow fall on Christmas, and when it let up a bit we went out to get some fresh air. I took the same shot initially with the native iPhone camera and the best I could get was this:20121225-150442.jpgThen I remembered TiltShift Generator…what an improvement. Although now that I see it on the computer, I didn’t focus exactly where I wanted. Darn that iPhone screen. Or darn old age. Or both.20121225-150455.jpg

20121225-150504.jpgWe found this evidence of busy beavers. Both the animals and my in-laws, who stacked all the wood below long before we arrived. 20121225-150510.jpg