20130129-195856.jpgI came home from running errands and discovered this huge branch had broken off the tree. No wind, no warning. Fortunately, no kids underneath.

This provides a reminder of the usefulness of Photosynth. Another panoramic app I have won’t let me take a shot like this. And I may be going out on a limb, but I don’t know if you can do this with the iPhone 5.


20130128-185312.jpgYesterday I noticed for the first time this winter a huge, squawking starling flock descending upon our house and yard. Although they were but a whisper by comparison, they reminded me of this video.

Lawn Bubbles

20130123-180306.jpgOur neighbor and her one year old stopped by on their way to feed ducks this chilly afternoon. James broke out the bubble lawnmower, and that made for good entertainment.

Edited in Snapseed and Photogene2

Once Around the Block?

20130122-171316.jpgI’ve never before seen what appears to be a contrail in relief; a pilot playing in and out of the cloud bank. Either that, or she’d forgotten something at home and had to go back. That happens to me a lot.