20130227-155835.jpgToday I noticed that bees were going crazy on these plants, which I believe are bolted broccoli. They were planted by students last fall in raised beds behind the elementary school. What work the bees are doing for them now or in the future, I don’t know. But they sure were busy.20130227-155850.jpg

He Spoke to Her

20130219-170737.jpgI wish I could tell you who this man was or is, but I have no idea. We were in the African Voices exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, and Delaney was quite insistent that I take her picture in front of this life-sized cardboard photo. We were lagging behind the rest of the family, so I didn’t have time to see who the official looking gentleman was. Hopefully he was not notorious, and I don’t even want to hazard a guess that I formulated from an article titled, “12 of the Craziest-Ass Dictators.” I’m sure that despite the cronies, he was just lovely. And I’m sure someone will set me straight if am wrong.

Props for Props

20130218-202202.jpgOver the weekend we had the opportunity to visit the Dulles Air and Space museum. It is an enormous venue with flying vehicles displayed at every altitude in a cavernous hangar, and no panorama app can do it justice. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a room that houses a Concorde, a Space Shuttle, and the Enola Gay. I found Photosynth more effective on smaller items close in proximity.20130218-202211.jpg



The migration of Monarchs, the appetite of tarantulas, and the menu of the Atrium Cafe; yesterday we were students hungry for knowledge.

The first photo was taken with Photosynth.20130216-084736.jpg