We won’t have too many opportunities to enjoy our neighbors and their fire pit, so I took advantage last night.

Then I came as close as I ever want to come to writing code to get this to publish correctly. Apparently Cinemagram or WordPress has changed something in the way these things are embedded in a post. Anyway, I was very proud of myself for cutting and pasting some code from a previous Cinemagram post to make this work. If anyone has any insight, please provide.



20130421-165401.jpgDelaney rode bikes with friends in the alley today. The first thing she said was, “tell Dad!” because she knew he would be especially proud of her. He worked really hard to help her learn how to ride a bike. Today, she did it perfectly. One little friend wiped out and chose to go inside. But Delaney kept going. In her fashionable heart socks.