We were hating life in a 4 mile long traffic jam, which occurs at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel on a daily basis. Thankfully, we don’t have to travel through it every day, but I bet this person does. Seeing this license plate made me feel better. Mackenzie took the photo.



We are dog watching while his owners are on their honeymoon. The bride’s parents, our neighbors, are out of town for the week resting up after having exhausted their life savings on the wedding, or they would have had dog-duty.20130530-195616.jpg

He is very gentle and meek, very undoglike in that he has no interest in playing with other canines, but tolerates them.20130530-195639.jpg

Having him made me consider getting another dog, as even an uninterested one is a fine companion for both us and our pup.20130530-195659.jpg

But for some reason, Kimbo barks more with another dog in the house. And I need my sleep.20130530-195709.jpg


20130527-180717.jpgToday, Memorial Day, was our first visit to the beach this year. Recall how early we were there last year, which I can do, now that I am a salty blogger. 20130527-180734.jpgWhen the air temp is barely 70, there’s nothing better than a sand hole to block the wind. 20130527-180805.jpgBecause nothing is going to keep you out of the water on Memorial Day.20130527-180817.jpg


20130522-205934.jpgSome friends and I were having a nice lunch when she wandered in. She was quite friendly, as were the other fowl folks on the premises, although Princess and Buster stayed outside. The mean one no one liked wasn’t around anymore: a fox got Diva the other night.20130522-210852.jpg


20130516-152728.jpgThat little baby duck had no fear, and its mama didn’t like it. Their approaching us made the others think we had food. We had nothing for them though, so we all just stood there looking at each other for a while. 20130516-152820.jpg

20130516-153005.jpgThen it was on to other things.20130516-153101.jpg