Rock n Roll West


Julia and I ran the Seattle RnR 1/2 marathon today. It rained yesterday, it will likely rain tomorrow, but today was amazingly gorgeous and perfect for running.20130622-102243.jpg

When we got around to lining up for the race, we found ourselves a couple corrals forward of where we should have been – oops! The guy holding the rope separating us from the corral in front of us kept yelling at people to move forward and stay behind/in front of the rope. We actually had no idea what he was telling us to do, but it made for good laughs among our fellow runners. At one point he had to attend to something and asked Julia to hold the rope. We found it hilarious that someone who took his job way too seriously would so frivolously hand it off to someone who wasn’t even where she was supposed to be.20130622-102257.jpg

We took many photo ops, because how can one not in a city such as this?20130622-102400.jpg



Afterward, we took a visit to the top of the Space Needle. You’ll see those shots tomorrow. A beer and more photos later, my mom picked us up at a Seattle landmark, the Pink Elephant Carwash. This was truly the best way to show someone around town. Sign up for next year today, and you might get a discount!20130622-105208.jpg


20130621-195059.jpgIt’s a little known fact that much of Eastern Washington is quite parched. And this despite the voluminous Columbia river running through it, carving a gorge of tremendous depth. We stopped in George to marvel at the geology and expansive views prior to crossing the river on the bridge you see in the distance. On the other side, wind mills line the ridge to take advantage of the powerful wind that sweeps down from the north. We were glad to not be driving an 18 wheeler. And two hours later, in a very different landscape, we were glad to say we’d arrived.20130621-195045.jpg

Rush Less

20130618-123033.jpgThanks to a 5:09 sunrise and still being biologically on East coast time, we were some of the first folks busting through the doors at Mt. Rushmore today. The hailstorms of yesterday yielded clear blue today.


20130618-123105.jpgFrom here we hit Crazy Horse and lunched in Deadwood. Now on our way to Devil’s Tower, the kids are watching Close Encounters in the back of the car to get in the mood.



A long, straight and relatively flat drive today led us to the Badlands, where we were blown away by not only geology but meteorology. There were storms on the horizon that never approached us, but according to a lady at the hotel pool later, they dropped marble sized hail around Rapid City. The weather held for us at the Badlands, and we saw bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, deer and bison on the distant plains. Three days of driving, and no one has complained of being bored yet. The kids didn’t even watch a movie today. That’s not bad.20130617-201904.jpg