20130731-062606.jpgIt has been a long time since my last post. I’ve been trying to figure out what type of hummingbird this is. According to the bird book I received for my birthday, there are very subtle distinctions between those indigenous to this region. Calliope, Costa’s, Anna’s, Rufous…then there are variations between juvenile, subadult, adult, each differing depending on gender. It’s enough to drive a person crazy. But I’m settling on Anna’s, because I need to move on.

Above Base


We took a little field trip today, because we got to do a Video Teleconference with JJ. It lasted for 15 minutes, but we lost connection in the middle of it – apparently that had been happening every 40 minutes or so for the families who had signed up to mega-skype with their sailor. We had to go north of Everett to the “Navy Support Complex” to do it. Besides a sleepy NEX (military department store), there’s not much there. So on the way home we Yelped “lunch” in Everett and found a great sandwich place in a beautiful neighborhood up the hill from the base. 20130723-153400.jpg

A block or two away we found Grand Avenue Park, which overlooks this fantastic view, including the pier the ship will eventually dock at. In the center was this neat mosaic compass rose, commemorating an Everett City Planner who died young in 2006. There was also a memorial to longtime senator, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, who lived right across the street.20130723-185641.jpg

I was reminded of trips to Washington D.C. when I heard, “mom, take my picture in front of it!” 20130723-185655.jpg


Sandy, Gritty River

20130718-202008.jpgSeveral of us went to check out Lewis and Clark State Park. I checked it out on Yelp – after we went – to find one Yelper say, “TOO much white trash..WAY too much.” Well, that explains it. Parts of it were notable, such as the nature trail with educational signs and plant descriptions. But it really couldn’t compare to the Gorge or other parks in the area. At least the name gave us an opportunity to discuss its namesakes, and reminded me that I need to read “Undaunted Courage.”


Water Water Everywhere


We’re in Oregon for a swim meet, and we got away from the pool for a little sight-seeing today. Before we had to head back to the hotel to rest up and rehydrate (one of us anyway), we hit Multnomah Falls – “2nd highest year -round waterfall in the nation.” And fortunately touristy enough to have drinkable water and ice cream at their base.

On the way there we took a little hike up alongside falls whose name escapes me. There are many along the Historic Oregon Highway that travels along the slope on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.20130717-202311.jpg

The first place we stopped was a scenic overlook established in 1960 by the Portland Women’s Forum. How nice of them to have the forsight to preserve this amazing view of the river.20130717-202339.jpg

There was no evidence of the rain that contributed to the growth of this ginormous tree, and the astounding foliage that surrounded it. But we know it will come, and are thankful for it.20130717-202353.jpg


Here We Go Marisox, Here We Go!


When you move to a new city, and you have a die hard fan of another town’s team, one who shows team allegiance by the hat most recently acquired at Target, and two who just don’t care that much, you have to improvise your cheer.

The Red Sox v. Mariners game kicked off with a homer by Jacoby Ellsbury on the first pitch! That made some of us very happy.


It was a little more tentative from there.20130711-195525.jpg

As the hours waned on, there were frequent requests by some to have their picture taken.20130711-195537.jpg



Our trek back to the car was derailed by a train that couldn’t decide whether to go backwards, forwards, or remain in it’s most inconvenient position…for over half an hour.20130711-195634.jpg

But the parking was free, offsetting our food costs quite nicely. The Coast Guard provides a fine service to our country.20130711-195645.jpg

Mothers of the Year Unite


Today for my birthday we picked up some burgers and picnicked on a dock by a lake. It wasn’t long before we were descended upon by ducklings and their mama. She was both protective and supportive of their efforts to obtain our french fries. She even swiped a fry from one of her little ones. It’s nice to know I’m not the only mom who does that.20130710-185047.jpg


Forced Family Fun


There’s nothing like a move across the country to bring a family together. What teenager wouldn’t want to spend every waking moment with her family, especially her younger siblings? This one indulged them at a park close to our house, as well as another park partaker, who was particularly nonplussed.20130707-192633.jpg

Well, there was plenty else to do. Play equipment, a splash area, and trails through the woods kept us busy and compatible for at least 45 minutes. 20130707-192647.jpg