Here We Go Marisox, Here We Go!


When you move to a new city, and you have a die hard fan of another town’s team, one who shows team allegiance by the hat most recently acquired at Target, and two who just don’t care that much, you have to improvise your cheer.

The Red Sox v. Mariners game kicked off with a homer by Jacoby Ellsbury on the first pitch! That made some of us very happy.


It was a little more tentative from there.20130711-195525.jpg

As the hours waned on, there were frequent requests by some to have their picture taken.20130711-195537.jpg



Our trek back to the car was derailed by a train that couldn’t decide whether to go backwards, forwards, or remain in it’s most inconvenient position…for over half an hour.20130711-195634.jpg

But the parking was free, offsetting our food costs quite nicely. The Coast Guard provides a fine service to our country.20130711-195645.jpg


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