Above Base


We took a little field trip today, because we got to do a Video Teleconference with JJ. It lasted for 15 minutes, but we lost connection in the middle of it – apparently that had been happening every 40 minutes or so for the families who had signed up to mega-skype with their sailor. We had to go north of Everett to the “Navy Support Complex” to do it. Besides a sleepy NEX (military department store), there’s not much there. So on the way home we Yelped “lunch” in Everett and found a great sandwich place in a beautiful neighborhood up the hill from the base. 20130723-153400.jpg

A block or two away we found Grand Avenue Park, which overlooks this fantastic view, including the pier the ship will eventually dock at. In the center was this neat mosaic compass rose, commemorating an Everett City Planner who died young in 2006. There was also a memorial to longtime senator, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, who lived right across the street.20130723-185641.jpg

I was reminded of trips to Washington D.C. when I heard, “mom, take my picture in front of it!” 20130723-185655.jpg



One thought on “Above Base”

  1. Scoop Jackson, although a conservative Democrat, sent his children to public schools in DC. I read that no other senators did.

    The base looks more like a pleasure boat marina. I like that.

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