Rare Bear


At once the worst and best photo of this series, you can see in the glass these kids reacting to the unexpected behavior of this Grizzly at the zoo today. After pacing with it’s partner in the background for a good while, it decided a dip in the pool was in order, and delighted us by diving for sticks, scratching it’s back on a rock, and bouncing bouyantly for no reason apparent other than the joy of it.20130815-185326.jpg




As excited as we were to see this, I wouldn’t have thought it anything special until a woman exclaimed, “In all the years I’ve been coming here, I’ve never seen it do anything like this!” That hit the spot!20130815-185419.jpg


20130805-212725.jpgWe kayaked on Lake Union today. I recommend this to anyone visiting Seattle; it’s a fantastic way to experience downtown and take in some incredible views. We rewarded ourselves with chicken and fries at the far end of the lake. This, too, is highly recommended.20130805-212742.jpg


20130804-205752.jpgSo much driftwood lines the beaches of puget sound. Past visitors have made forts that the kids and visiting friends played in during a visit to Whidbey Island today. They made new forts too, while Ruth and I obsessively combed the beach for sea glass and unique rocks. Tons of rocks, very little sea glass. 20130804-205717.jpg

After a good greasy lunch, we hit Fort Casey, where we further obsessed in our efforts to spot a seal or whale. We had better luck with sea glass.20130804-205734.jpg