20130805-212725.jpgWe kayaked on Lake Union today. I recommend this to anyone visiting Seattle; it’s a fantastic way to experience downtown and take in some incredible views. We rewarded ourselves with chicken and fries at the far end of the lake. This, too, is highly recommended.20130805-212742.jpg



20130804-205752.jpgSo much driftwood lines the beaches of puget sound. Past visitors have made forts that the kids and visiting friends played in during a visit to Whidbey Island today. They made new forts too, while Ruth and I obsessively combed the beach for sea glass and unique rocks. Tons of rocks, very little sea glass. 20130804-205717.jpg

After a good greasy lunch, we hit Fort Casey, where we further obsessed in our efforts to spot a seal or whale. We had better luck with sea glass.20130804-205734.jpg