20140326-184703.jpgI never posted this after taking these pictures a month ago. I was inspired by beautiful weather at the end of March to take the kids to see the cherry blossoms at the UW quad. I’d never seen them myself. We found ourselves with many other families of young children under a blanket of blossoms.20140326-184711.jpg

20140326-184730.jpgI later learned that a couple dozen had earlier been removed because of dry rot and a construction project near the new stadium. We didn’t miss them.20140326-184739.jpg

Secret Path

20140319-153632.jpgToday the dog and I explored a trail that has been created in a ravine near our house. The path has been cleared and maintained, and varies between dirt, mulched wood, rustic boardwalks or more casual bridges of branches placed alongside one another to cross the mud. Many plants, some of which have been placed purposefully, bear identifying tags.20140319-153648.jpgThe trail meanders over and around a creek that today flowed near capacity.  The area is clearly a work of love and/or retirement, still in progress.20140319-153709.jpg