Illicit Tree Shot

20140430-155552.jpgYesterday on the way to swim practice, D proudly showed me this picture she had taken on her iPod touch.  “Wow!” I exclaimed. She really did a nice job! Then I realized that last week I had taken that iPod away from her, because she had deceptively taken it to school, and hidden it high in a kitchen cupboard. Now it’s mine, all mine, to exploit for my purposes!  And today, those purposes are for the Photo of the Day. It’s good being a mom.

Old School Schools

20140429-143357.jpgOur kids go to some old schools in our new town. This middle school was built in 1950, as opposed to the school D attended in our old town which was considerably newer, built in 2012.20140429-143408.jpgThis school J attends was built in 1949.  Remarkably, his classroom is in exactly the same place on the floor plan as his classroom last year in our old town which was also in a newer building, completed in 2000, but which replaced an original structure that had been built in 1913. So there is not much to be concluded from this, except to say that the kids attend school in old buildings. They have never commented on it, except to say that the front doors are awfully heavy.

Everett Marina

20140427-205104.jpgA beautiful but threatening evening at the Marina tonight inspired me to take this picture that, except for a couple clues, appears to have been converted to black and white.20140427-205119.jpgA tall ship waits it out at the dock.  Actually, it may wait longer than that for all I know.