An Era Ends and Begins

IMG_4867In case you’re not familiar, this is a Showchron flatbed film editing table.* A cutting edge piece of technology in the 70’s, it is now a behemoth in the basement. Or at least it was.

IMG_5068It has now been adopted by a new generation, who despite all that digital has to offer, still want to explore film. I knew they were out there.IMG_5066.JPG

*This is the first in a series, “Dad’s Basement Diaries.”



6 thoughts on “An Era Ends and Begins”

  1. I am happy that your Showchron was passed to a new (non electronic) film maker . I am curious if it had blue or black motors (blue were better). I first saw one in 1970 and met the inventor (Bill Stutz) in 1990 and he taught me how to repair.service them. Bill was a cofounder of MagnaSync. Together we built a 35mm machine but never got into production as non-linear editing (i.e. George Lucas’s Editdroid) was being born which evolved into the Avid. .About 400 machines were built by the torpedo division (yes) of Honeywell. Most are six plate with one pic head but a few two screen eight plates were built too. I still have my three six plates.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I happen to be visiting my father and he was so interested to hear your remarks. He remembers purchasing sound equipment from MagnaSync following a visit in NY with one of the founders. My dad said his Showchron motors were black, and it was a first generation. He had another, which he loaned out to someone who stole it. That one may have had blue motors, he doesn’t recall.

  2. Ha- now he says that maybe they were blue motors, and that the co. in NY was Magnatech. Anyhow, funny connections, and again, thank you for the comments and background.

    1. Ha and aha! Yes, MagnaTech was originally in NYC. In 76, I worked at a NYC transfer house with a guy who had designed one of MTM’s record.playback machines. Later I bought one of them used and did sound transfers for indie filmmakers in LA. which is where I came to meet Bill and work for him occasionally after getting tune ups for my first two showchrons. I used mine to sync film and rent to filmmakers in LA. Now I am tempted to get one out of storage and run some film. Last time I did that was for a guy who sold a script to Spielberg and instead of following Spielberg’s advice to buy a house, made a movie. Made sense to me. LOL

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