For the uninitiated, Pickleball is essentially big doubles ping pong played on a quarter of a tennis court. Believe it or not, it was invented in 1965 at the home of former Washington State Representative Joel Pritchard on Bainbridge Island. I had never seen it played before we moved to SD. These games take place behind the office of Delaney’s orthodontist. I was fascinated, but the office manager told me, “yep, they’re plinking-kerplunking all day every day.” I guess that would get old.

On The Road Again

It has been over two years since I posted a photo of the day, and I’ve decided that was enough of a break. My favorite way to reminisce is through photos, and I appreciate having podnumber2 to reflect back on our last year in Virginia Beach and our time in Seattle. I think that noticing and documenting are important, not necessarily for an audience, but for the practices of being curious and aware. And now we’re in California! I’ll admit I came reluctantly, but of course there is much to appreciate, and activities and scenery worth remembering.

I’m inspired by my friend at wabisabisole.com who has been documenting her life in Japan, and realized I not only had a similar forum but could approach my days likewise, as a new adventure. Next year and every year after, I’ll have my photo journal to refer to. I recommend it – the exercise, not my blog – for everyone.

Today was our first waking in our own beds after a trip to visit our friends in Japan. I went for a long run and was thankful I brought my phone. I suppose I should for safety, but the only reason I’m motivated to is to take pics. So I will from now on.