Post-Race Palm Shade

Who says palms are no good as shade trees? Oh, maybe that was me.

Today’s 1/2 marathon took us from the Del Mar race track (horses) to scenic La Jolla cove. Don’t worry, there will not be a post about a 1/2 marathon next weekend.

As in any race, there are many interesting sights. I pulled my phone out for some.

The course took us across two causeways that revealed lagoons to the left and ocean to the right. This was the first of them, as we headed into the town of Del Mar.
The woman in orange was a pacer who carried a sign indicating the time she planned to finish in. Even more impressive, her heels never touched the ground.
Torrey Pines park is ahead. We had to run/walk/hike the hill to the top of the bluff. It hurt.
Some people just can’t get enough and feel an additional weight vest is a good idea. I passed him, so I think it was a great idea…for him.
The flats of La Jolla shores. Scenic and salty, with lots of people fading fast. Our finish line was on the peninsula to the right.
This is one of those things that is really only appreciated in the moment. At that moment we were on a healthy incline in the final mile, so I really appreciated it.
At the beer garden.
Some people are invigorated and extroverted enough to do hula hoop ballet in front of the crowd. It was actually fun to watch, but geez.
I was happy to wait for my friend and hydrate. If I can keep my pace steady for the next 20 years, I might eventually place in my age group at one of these things.

One thought on “Post-Race Palm Shade”

  1. Strong work, my friend! Thanks for taking pictures along the way so I could enjoy the run with you. Cheers to finish lines with short beer lines! Run happy!!

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