This sweet little bird found her way into our courtyard today. She appeared to be someone’s “pet.” I use that term loosely, because I do not approve of how she was cared for. Her tail feathers were clearly cut, and wire was wrapped around one ankle. And yes, I promptly declared her female and named her Dovey. 

We brought her some birdseed in a bowl, and she was happy to peck at it. James put some towels in a little box for her to nest in, but she wanted nothing to do with that.

She preferred the foliage behind this palm, which I discovered as I was talking to her, had dog poop in it. I’ll get that tomorrow.

Before dinner, James informed me she was up in the palm plant. 

Maybe she was just resting all along, building up the courage and strength to make her true getaway from whatever character had sought to possess her by wire and clipped feathers. Because after dinner, she was gone. 

I already miss her.

What Sunscreen’s For

For two years I resisted the inclinations of many female runners here to a) run with a hydration backpack, and b) to shield every shred of skin with clothing, even in the heat of summer. I recently broke down and got a hydration pack, and I actually love it, especially on days like today when I found myself on a trail run in the late morning blazing sun that lasted almost three hours (not the original plan). But you will never catch me in tights and a long sleeved shirt in summer here. My friend, on the other hand, is a beast.