Family Fish

These two have been part of our family* for two years, since the kids won them at a school fall festival and they came home with us in little plastic cups. They originally looked very similar, but Angelisa has doubled in size and Robert has barely grown. They are actually different kinds of fish. Robert is a common goldfish, and Angelisa is a variety that could grow to be over 6″ long. The guy at Petco said they were feeder fish, that they were filthy and needed a 10 gallon tank and probably wouldn’t live long. But they are happy as clams in their filtered 2 gallon tank, even if they do require a clean out every week or so. They have funny little personalities, chase each other around the tank periodically, and swim excitedly toward me in the morning, looking for food. They sleep with eyes wide open together in the lower left corner of the tank every night. They had put themselves to bed by the time I took this picture, so they were rather annoyed at me for pestering them. But afterward I turned out their light and let them enjoy their cozy corner, and said what I have said every night for 2 years: “Good night fishies.” 

*This may be a stretch. It’s possible I’m the only person in this house who remembers we have them.

Left To Their Devices

This photo shows one fourth of the kids who have been coming to a new after school chess club for the past three weeks. Another group of 4th-6th graders were sitting around boards to the right of this group. The little kids were all inside enjoying the air conditioning. And amazingly, they were also playing chess for an hour straight. There wasn’t a screen in sight.