Fun Fish

My favorite features in the newspaper comics and Highlights magazine were the “find the differences between these two panels.” So in that spirit, you can do the same! Find at least 6 differences, besides fish position, between these two pictures. Answers tomorrow.


Tony’s Trail

In addition to getting Delaney to join us for a swim in the lake, allowing every fish in same lake to remain unhooked, and completing a 1000 piece puzzle, one big accomplishment today involved taking a stroll down the road to a neighbor’s yard, where they have constructed an elaborate fitness trail. It stands as a memorial to their son, who had entered the Army but died shortly after in unrelated circumstances.

The trail is about 1/4 mile long and circles the perimeter of their property. It has 7ish stations where one can conduct various exercises. 

Intended exercise not as demonstrated.

It was hot. Our performance was sub-par. But the shade on the trail kept our spirits up between stations and provided a setting for contemplation.

Here was my favorite (informal) station:

Although we had low energy today, we all acknowledged the strength these people had to construct such a meaningful memorial and then share it with others as a place to come and improve oneself. Even if it’s only your heart muscle, this place really provides a workout.


When you’re 50 and going to a big venue concert, you’re smart enough to park in a lot away from the venue to avoid pre- and post-concert traffic. But that might necessitate walking a 1/2 mile, jumping a fence, scrambling down an embankment and playing frogger across the traffic you were aiming to avoid.  But it’s worth it.