Rattled by Rockhouse

Today these two and I went on a trail run before the family and I embark on a little road trip tomorrow. I was looking forward to getting this long run done, so that it just doesn’t matter what I do for the next few days. Here we were at about mile 11, and unfortunately had yet to scale the mountain behind us. It was a slow slog. Early on, we saw a rattler:


By “saw,” I mean “ran by and screamed and leapt four feet in the air when we discovered we were right next to it.” We also saw a coyote, casually walking toward us ahead on the trail. We weren’t too rattled by that encounter and it chickened out off to the side of the trail. No photo opp.

We finally made it to the top of Rockhouse.

Even though cloudy, the air was the clearest I’ve seen all summer. You can see Pt. Loma and the Pacific in the distance. From there, we let gravity do most of the work in getting us back down to the car. It has been encouraging me into restful positions ever since. 


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