No Roots, No Moss

We met our friends, the York’s, from VB at Balboa Park this morning. We were surprised to learn that one reason they were here was to find a house to rent when they move here this summer. At exactly the same time we are likely to be moving there. I’m sorry we’ll miss them, in both places. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle. And maybe then, I’ll actually think to take a picture of us. Geez. (Photo cred to James for surprised-looking rock house, above.)

Holiday Bowl Highlights

This was our view of the game. Some people still needed assistance.

His horn was actually a construction project by two 11 year old boys.

Some people felt the view of the Jumbotron was better than real life, even if it was directly behind us.

There were jumpers before the game.

And marching bands and fireworks at halftime.

I admired this woman’s knit hat with bun cut out.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had she not made a scene berating her husband earlier. I spent some time deliberating whether to knit or crochet one.

Michigan State was beating Washington State 35-10 when we left at the end of the third quarter. Although it wasn’t much of a game, there sure was a lot to see.

Ski Sandwich

Instructions: on two slices of white bread, glop mayonnaise*. Do not spread mayo to edges. Place luncheon deli meat on one bread slice, orange and/or processed cheese on the other, and close sandwich. Eat with chips and clementines at noon on a ski day, following a 10 am break for hot chocolate and fries. Let us know if you would like to join us on the slopes, and we’ll ensure JJ makes you one, because he is the only person authorized to do so.

*If in New Hampshire, Miracle Whip may be substituted for mayonnaise.