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Inspired by a practice established by my father, every day I send a Photo of the Day (POD), taken with my iPhone, to interested friends and family. I also write about why I chose it and how I edited it on my phone. I hope it encourages others to also be mindful and aware.

Boy on the Bay


Return From Ensenada

Getting to Mexico is easy. Coming home is interesting. But before we get to that, I must point out the biggest difference I observed between the U.S. and Mexico:

In Mexico, you can find parking at the Costco! And the lot isn’t a mob scene! And look at this entry:

Was it closing time? No, it was – brace yourself – noon on a Sunday!! Unreal. We bought a wireless TV system and mixed nuts. I have no idea if we saved money, but it was clearly the thing to do. I forgot to stop by the pharmacy and pick up some 800 mg ibuprofen, though. That’s actually what alerted me to the Costco in the first place, as I’d read about it being one of the reputable places to get pharmaceuticals that in the U.S. require a prescription, but which are sold over the counter here.We went while James was at a 2 hour baseball clinic with his team. Throughout the clinic, several parents were monitoring the border wait online, and it was increasing hourly. So although we’d originally planned to stop for lunch near Rosarito, we decided to pick up chips and soda and head straight home. I don’t care how cheap that lobster would have been; between the chips and the Costco run, we were saving money somewhere.Fun fact: the San Ysidro border crossing is the busiest land crossing between countries in the WORLD. On our way there, we encountered this interesting commuter:She was hard to miss – that bike was really loud, and she went up the entire hill like that. And the pink and all.We were fortunate to have a moderate one hour wait to cross the border, especially since the hotel couldn’t provide the Fast Pass tickets that supposedly would have enabled us to go through a shorter line. Something about being unable to access the government site, is what they said. Unfortunately, someone in the car really had to pee, and there is no way to stop and do so once you’re in line. She survived, but barely. Salespeople and panhandlers of all stripes snaking between car lines and knocking on windows provided a diversion. Same person needing to pee made a little more eye contact than we would have liked, but at least that helped me get decent pictures.We did not buy the Chewbacca, we made it past the drug sniffing dog, bladders were emptied on U.S. soil, and with our new sound system, hearing aids can be put off another few years. But when we need them, I know where to go!