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Just Ducky

20140104-165209.jpgI recognized an interesting correlation today.┬áPrior to my rejuvenation of this blog, my last entry was in October. It also occurred to me that I stopped doing my regular ab workout in October. I don’t recall being in a funk, but clearly I went off the wagon in the Fall. Last week my back went out doing a simple exercise, and I fully attribute that to weak abdominal muscles. Similarly, I am experiencing the pain of a flabby photo gallery in my iPhone. All that fat has got to go, or who knows what will happen under the strain of all those extra photos. Like these.20140104-165234.jpgA homeowner near James’ dance class has a great sense of humor. Or a lot of time on their hands. Or both. These photos were taken in September, October and November. All I know is that he or she was much more motivated and disciplined than I was those months. But I’m back on track.20140104-165257.jpg


Not Quite Right

20121107-140813.jpgThis tree gets the best fall foliage of any in the entire town. I know, because I drive all over town on a daily basis. I originally discovered it while running years ago. I then drove by it regularly for a couple years to get to a babysitter’s house. Now I have to go out of my way to see it, which is why I missed it at its best. Today, James was home from school with a low fever, so I dragged him along with me on a field trip to get this photo. Is that bad? He didn’t complain.

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For Once and For Fall

Our fall foliage is often brown, especially in our neighborhood. Being so close to the ocean, the salt brought in by the offshore breezes squelches autumn color. Usually by now a tropical storm or hurricane has blown through or close enough to brown everything to a crisp. This year we are just beginning to enjoy some vivid color and Sandy will come by this weekend and ruin it. So enjoy it while you can.

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