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Foul and Fowl

Check it out.
Back to business.
Check it out.
Back to business.


Rain, Schmain*

20140508-163611.jpgSogball captured through a rain-streaked window from the comfort of a dry kitchen.

*It’s interesting to see how many blog posts have this title if you Google it, with little consensus on whether it should be “shmain” or “schmain.”




The other day I heard the city of Paris is not too fond of people adorning its bridge railings with locks. When railings become overly burdened by the “locks of love,” the city replaces them with new ones. Perhaps they would prefer a different collection, such as these jaunty shoes on electrical wires, found at one of the fields where J plays baseball? I question whether they were put there as demonstrations of undying love, but it is an interesting trend nonetheless.20140501-173709.jpg