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Love All

20130427-161345.jpgBoth the score and sentiment at Delaney’s Special Olympics tennis tournament today.



20130421-165401.jpgDelaney rode bikes with friends in the alley today. The first thing she said was, “tell Dad!” because she knew he would be especially proud of her. He worked really hard to help her learn how to ride a bike. Today, she did it perfectly. One little friend wiped out and chose to go inside. But Delaney kept going. In her fashionable heart socks.


20130414-210812.jpgThe latest project here has been staining everything made of wood around the house; decks, porches, railings, fences, and lots of lattice. Some of our amazing neighbors helped today. This picture was actually taken during a rainstorm before we really got going. This railing hadn’t been stained yet, but a filter I used in Tadaa made it look like the wood does now. The stain settles into a decent color resembling “cedar natural tone,” but it is alarmingly orange when it first goes on. Oh well, it’s a rental.


20130403-143823.jpgWe always marvel that Delaney makes friends wherever she goes. At playgrounds, the beach, wherever, she always seems to find a playmate. Yesterday, we walked into an Apple store, busy as always, and at the iPad table Delaney and James went to was this little girl. She is the same age, grade and height, and after chatting with her mother we discover she takes the same electives at school and has a similar interests and abilities. They hugged hello and goodbye, and we exchanged information with her mother so they can Skype. Pretty impressive for 10 minutes.