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States of Mind

When James was six years old, he saw the state of Virginia in a pothole in the alley behind our house. Today, at 11, he noticed the water marks on the driveway resembled the western boundary of the U.S., from Washington to Texas. If I’m still posting to this blog when he sees the whole country on pavement, someone please buy me a drink. Maybe he’ll be able to.



While James had flag football practice at a community park, Delaney and I took off to explore the surrounding neighborhood. What did you think this post was about?

She initially complained, but I told her we’d just go up one side of the street and down the other. For some reason, that was acceptable. IMG_4995There was a community garden at the park and most of the houses on the street had abundant yards of their own. Delaney took this picture of apples growing from the scrawniest tree I’ve ever seen to bear fruit. It was happy enough I guess.IMG_4998.JPGWe then encountered a huge dahlia and nosy flamingo. IMG_4996.JPGEach home was unique, some were obscured by purposeful plantings, while others were accessible by bridges or other unusual entryways. Sometimes I marvel that we are in a city. And I am thankful we are.IMG_4997.JPG