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Playing Around

Playing Around

Today was a beautiful day for play – around 9 am we walked over to a Surf Sample sale at James’ elementary school, where different vendors sell their leftovers from last season and the PTA makes a cut. We got a boogie board and a sweatshirt for James. The kids wanted to play on the playground and I wanted to play on my phone, so we hung out for a while after.

I took this picture with Instagram and applied a filter, but I can’t remember which – I think it was X-Pro II. I was mostly playing around with the HDR feature though, because in the bright sunlight I wanted to see if there was any difference.  Dad asked how the iPhone makes the pictures HDR, and you can get an idea in the following pictures. The regular is followed by the HDR version:





The phone’s processor is so fast, it does indeed take 3 pictures and combine them for the HDR shot. I’m happy to report that learning through play applies to adults as well as kids.


Beach Bikes

Beach Bikes

James and I biked up to 31st Street yesterday so he could run the kids’ Final Mile race.  It was an oceanfront sea of children and parents.  We parked our bikes and walked several blocks north to the start of the race. He was very quiet before the race, seemingly anxious for it to start. When the gun went off, we ran north with the herd to about 37th St., then turned East then South down the boardwalk to the finish, running the whole way.  He collected his medal, a bottle of water, and was ready to head home. Very businesslike. I learned later that he had not been concerned about the run, but anxious from my precautionary talk about what to do if we got separated. Our enjoyment of the event would have flip flopped if I hadn’t brought up the possibility. Who’d have guessed?

I can’t do anything about that now, but I was able to remove a hurricane fence from the beach in the POD I sent yesterday.

Why did I erase it? Because I could. With Touch Retouch. When you can take control of a situation, it’s best to take advantage.

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Bubba turned 6 on Wednesday.  He got to pick the day’s menu, and here’s what he chose: crepes for breakfast, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting brought to school for lunch, and spaghetti, meatballs and broccoli for dinner.  Oh yeah.

This picture was taken under the lovely fluorescent lights of his school cafeteria.  I played with it a little in Photoshop Express, but not enough, because look what I was able to do later with TiltShift Generator!

Better Bubba

It’s so much warmer and intimate looking.  I’ll be using this app a lot more.  So if your eyes glaze over when I start talking about iPhone photo editing apps…you’ll know where to come to get some shut-eye!

Mother’s Little Helpers

Mother's Little Helpers

This doesn’t happen every day, so I thought it was worth documenting. Because it is such a novel activity these two were willing, actually enthusiastic, about dusting and vacuuming.

One friend asked if this was a polaroid, but then realized who the kids were.  That was the idea: the shot reminded me of pictures from the 60s which were saved, apparently, simply because they were all there was to remember a person or occasion.  Now there is pressure to save and share only the pictures we deem worthy, because the alternative is suffocation by photos and because there is no excuse for a bad shot.  Why should this be any less worthy?  It’s documenting a rare event, and one that inspires hope…that it can happen again.

I applied a “Slide” filter from the Filtermania app to give this the right look. If you’re wondering what that means; I opened the Filtermania app on my phone, selected this picture from my phone’s photo album, scrolled through a selection of filter options, and selected this one called “Slide”.  Hard work!

Objects in Mirror

Objects in Mirror

Mackenzie took this picture as we were driving back to the hotel after a little hike between swim meet sessions. I love the blues, the layout, and the fact she took it. I was only vaguely aware of it at the time, but recall her saying, “Hey Delaney, put your head out the window again.” As the mirror states, despite their differences in age, ability, interests and stage of life, these sisters are closer than they appear too.

I brightened the shot a little with Photoshop Express, fiddling with the exposure and saturation settings. Just a little. I don’t look at these pics on the computer before I send them. Sometimes on the computer I see things I don’t like that I didn’t notice on the phone’s small screen. Like the dirt on the mirror here. So I returned to the phone to play with it. Using Touch Retouch, I cleaned it up. First I “lassoed” the messiest part,

then I pressed the “start” (triangle) button and cleaned it up some:

I then used the paintbrush button to clean it up a little more, and this is how it ended up:

Definitely some digital smudginess, but not as dirty. With kids, you have to expect some smudges. And rest assured, I took the car through the car wash yesterday.