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A Spit, Two Ways

IMG_4460.JPGA walkway to a little island appears during minus tides only 40 days per year, right across the street from our hotel. We were kayaking during the lowest point this morning, but returned in time to wade out for a quick island visit before the water was again too deep to traverse. We first observed the isthmus when we arrived yesterday, and I’ve been saying and spraying the word at every opportunity since. You try it.



20130804-205752.jpgSo much driftwood lines the beaches of puget sound. Past visitors have made forts that the kids and visiting friends played in during a visit to Whidbey Island today. They made new forts too, while Ruth and I obsessively combed the beach for sea glass and unique rocks. Tons of rocks, very little sea glass. 20130804-205717.jpg

After a good greasy lunch, we hit Fort Casey, where we further obsessed in our efforts to spot a seal or whale. We had better luck with sea glass.20130804-205734.jpg


20130527-180717.jpgToday, Memorial Day, was our first visit to the beach this year. Recall how early we were there last year, which I can do, now that I am a salty blogger. 20130527-180734.jpgWhen the air temp is barely 70, there’s nothing better than a sand hole to block the wind. 20130527-180805.jpgBecause nothing is going to keep you out of the water on Memorial Day.20130527-180817.jpg