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Au Naturale

IMG_4748.JPGI took this at a friend’s house where we’d been invited for dinner. I was surprised by how black and white the background looks. It dawned on me that one has to clarify when filters aren’t used and edits aren’t made. Or maybe that’s just me.


Sunset Sail

IMG_4761The other night we were joined by Roger and Sara aboard a chartered sailboat in the Sound, an evening event we acquired at a Lion’s Club auction earlier this year. Our Captain, Ed, provided safe passage to Port Madison, where we saw porpoises but lost wind. It picked back up on our return East, during which JJ had the helm most of the way.IMG_4762.JPGWe were amazed by the bells and whistles on board that were unimaginable to us in our heyday of family sailing on the Odeon forty, thirty and even twenty years ago: a key starter (no more back breaking lawn mower starts!); a self tacking jib (eliminating the need to trip over the tiller (whaa?) while scrambling to the opposite seat to crank down the jib sheet during a tack); sheets (lines) in a centralized location (negating any reason to leave the cockpit whatsoever, much less to sit on the boom to crank down the main sail). Add to that food and drinks provided, and had we not been enjoying ourselves so thoroughly, we may have napped.  IMG_4763.JPG


A Spit, Two Ways

IMG_4460.JPGA walkway to a little island appears during minus tides only 40 days per year, right across the street from our hotel. We were kayaking during the lowest point this morning, but returned in time to wade out for a quick island visit before the water was again too deep to traverse. We first observed the isthmus when we arrived yesterday, and I’ve been saying and spraying the word at every opportunity since. You try it.

From One Mountain to Another

IMG_4374.JPGThe view of Baker and so much more, from atop Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island. We could even see Vancouver’s downtown buildings. It was well worth having to fork out $10 for a Discovery pass, because I left ours at home. It also helps that I found $60 while beach combing after lunch. A stellar vacation day overall. Cheers!

Curls and Locks

20140702-162838-59318393.jpgWe had a great visit with cousins from Oregon. One day we packed in a lot of sights and activities, including the Ballard Locks. The kids determined the stepped grass hill was prime for rolling or running down. The locks are no doubt a bit busier now with a beautiful holiday weekend in store. Sorry we can’t say the same for the East coasters. 20140702-162838-59318791.jpg