Galeria de PODs


Ok, I can’t keep up with daily additions to the Gallery here. I’m going to have to come up with a different system. For the pictures that are here, If you would like to see any post associated with a picture, please just click on the same name from the list below and it will take you right to it. Note that there were no posts before “Signage Haiku” – that was the pic that inspired this blog. You can also use the “search” option above to find all posts that include a keyword, like the app used to edit a shot, the name of the picture, or other descriptive “tags” associated with a post and picture. For example, a search of “kids” should find all the posts with kids in them…if I tagged them correctly. Enjoy!

Note: Because of the format of “Sick of Fun” (or any Cinegr.ams), I couldn’t enter it in the Gallery. You can still see it in the post though, and it’s worth it!

2 thoughts on “Galeria de PODs”

  1. Thanks for asking, Mackenzie. The answer depends on which picture you are referring to. Believe it or not, with Bouquets, the brightest of the bunch, I simply snapped the picture with my iPhone. Nature did the work! Dog on the beach and Alley Blossoms were augmented a little by filters in Instagram. I forget how I achieved the Later Flights look. I may have used Adobe Photoshop Express on that one. And Survival was tweaked a little to bring out the color of the flower, and then blur the background, both with TiltShiftGenerator. Thank you for validating several reasons I started this blog: to describe how I achieved a certain look; explain why I chose the photo and named it as I did; so I can remember what I did; and to spark some discussion and encourage everyone to find their own POD!

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