Bird Feeder

We were walking the IB pier today and came upon this gentleman wagging a small mackerel at an osprey perched on a light pole. 

She wasn’t interested in the small fish initially, but his whistles finally brought her down to grab at the meal. They have done this before. 

Thanks to past experience, he knew how much those talons can hurt.

And he dropped the fish before she could grab it.

She swooped back around though, so he raised it again for another pass.

This time, success!

He hasn’t named her yet, but probably soon.

Stars of the Sea

They had been almost all killed off by a virus in recent years, but it appears they are returning. It helps that they can reproduce sexually through spawning and asexually by dividing themselves. These ones were on rocks exposed during low tide. I’m surprised they didn’t dry out, but I guess they know what they’re doing.

Sea anemones look like they are doing fine. And the cairns are hanging in there.

iPhone snapshots of the day

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