When parasailing with friends:

  1. Bring a towel and water
  2. Don’t worry about the creaking noises
  3. Look to the horizon if you feel a little queasy
  4. Take deep breaths
  5. Use your Foto Ziploc! filter
  6. Edit in Snapseed, as usual.


High Tension Trail

High Tension Trail

I was shocked to see the sun come out the other day. I had boundless energy on this run and the views were electrifying. Later I harnessed the power of Snapseed to edit these pictures – it is quite a transformer.

Great Wheel View

Great Wheel View

We rode on a new Seattle attraction yesterday, the Great Wheel. It just opened on Saturday. (See here for a short time-lapse video of its construction.) The rain never made it south to us.

Edited in Snapseed.


So Seattle

So Seattle

A friend of mine’s 8 year old had friends over, and the girls wanted a snack. My friend invited them to look in the refrigerator and shortly after heard one exclaim, “Kefir?! I LOVE Kefir!”

Yesterday I was behind a car with 2 bumperstickers. One said, “Get your theology out of my biology.” The other said, “We have the fossils. We win.”

At a burger joint described as having the “best burgers in town,” one can choose instead of beef a turkey, seasonal veggie, black bean, salmon or gluten free burger.

It’s good to be home.

Above and In

Above and In

Today, at a 6 year old’s request, we went to Mt. Rainier. He wanted to see “the mountain above the clouds.” Unfortunately, it was mostly IN the clouds. But it was still beautiful. This is Emmons glacier, onto which a chunk of Little Tahoma peak fell in 1963, covering the glacier with insulating rock and thus slowing its melting considerably. Since 2003 it has been receding again.

I edited in Snapseed.


iPhone snapshots of the day

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