Going for Goal


I’m not sure where the ball is though. Taken with Camera+ on the burst setting.


Creepy Tweety


This lonely bird on a dead tree caught my attention as a harbinger of Halloween. The original is almost spookier than the edited version: there was no fog today, in fact the sky was blue this morning, but you’d never know it from the photo:20121015-204716.jpgI tried to zoom with my feet, but as I approached the base of the tree the bird fled to Nevermore like he was possessed. I edited in tadaa.

Spit Fish


Every year they start setting up the holiday lights on the boardwalk a little earlier. This year it was just after Labor Day that I first saw some of the metal structures lying on the grass behind some of the hotels. I guess the city is pretty confident we’re not going to have any late season tropical storms. 20121011-140143.jpg


iPhone snapshots of the day

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