20121210-150853.jpgWorking on a masterpiece. He’s got seven notes down on paper. Someday we’ll be able to say we knew him when.


Guest Post by Jack


A guest post from my nephew, Jack. What a gift!Image

My family and I went up to Kennebunkport, ME this weekend for a small town celebration called the Christmas Prelude. We went up Friday and stayed through today when we came home. The picture on the top right was the fireworks on Friday night which we were fortunate enough to view from our room during the pouring rain. The picture in the middle on the top is of the Christmas tree in the center of town. The lighting was on Friday as well and we were “entertained” by a group of singers who weren’t that good and off key. I guess that’s because it is a small town. On Saturday we got pictures with Frosty the Snowman and then went shopping. Dad and I were not enthused. That night we went to a church and heard some singers who were surprisingly good. This morning there was the “Christmas Pooch Parade” and it was a parade of dogs dressed up in costumes. The picture on the top right is of a dog we all liked. He was dressed up as a present and kept tripping. The picture on the bottom is of our view of the port from our room. 
Edited in Pic Stitch.

A Snap to Wrap



Today Delaney’s Girl Scout troop made a kind gesture of visiting a retirement home and helping residents wrap gifts. This photo was edited first in Snapseed, then AfterFocus, which is proving to be a favorite app of mine because I can take care of my sloppy compositions of late!

Google’s recent acquisition of snapseed prompted an update, and fortunately they didn’t change it much. As you can see below, they added a “Retrolux filter” to apply a retro (as opposed to vintage?) look to photos, and they also updated the frames. 20121208-190400.jpgAlso, Snapseed photos are now saved in a special album in your photo library, as is the case with some other apps like tadaa, Hipstamatic and PhotoToaster. You too could be kind by giving yourself a gift that requires no wrapping…snapseed is free!


Focus on the Details


Much like this ceremony marking a friend’s successful command of a Navy squadron, AfterFocus is adept at handling details. Not only can you use the masking feature to create focussed and blurred regions, you can use it to colorize certain areas of the shot. The smart edit option lets the app do most of the work after you draw just a few lines to indicate what should stay in focus or color, and what shouldn’t. It does a much better job of getting right to the border of your subject than the masking processes in apps like Colorsplash or Juxtaposer, where it can be frustrating. Check out how accurate the app is in getting around the man’s face below (the red tint indicating the focussed or colored area):20121207-162401.jpgNo color guard required here to present colors – just a little touch on the arrow in the upper right and it was ME in command – of the edit I was looking for! This app should get some kind of recognition for its service.


iPhone snapshots of the day

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