Lazy Days of Indian Summer



The Tunnel

20121020-183715.jpgI’m not sure at what age this is no longer required, but after every soccer game for this 8 and under group of boys, parents feel compelled to make a human tunnel for the players of both teams to run through. I always, possibly deliberately, forget about it until all the other parents gather and the kids are poised to run. Bad mommy.

Cropped in Snapseed.

Left to Live Right


When I found this on our back door this morning, my visiting mother in law said, “is it illegal to kill it?” I’d never heard that rumor, probably because I never saw a praying mantis growing up in Seattle. Apparently that was a belief during the second half of the last century. We didn’t risk breaking the law, so it hung out all day.

See the original below for another example of why I go to Snapseed for almost all my edits.20121018-134257.jpg

20121018-134306.jpgOriginal:20121018-134324.jpgI hang on to things that do good work.

iPhone snapshots of the day

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