Guest Post – Overedited Flower

My nephew Jack has another post for today about a picture from his iTouch. He was right about getting a picture of those flowers: azaleas don’t last long, and then they get ugly quick. He’s figured out it’s all in the timing.

Overedited Flower

This photo was actually a good one to start off with, but I wanted to bring out all of the vibrant colors, so I turned to Camera Awesome for help.

As you can see, it allowed me to adjust a few things and even “awesomize” the picture. When I took this picture, the flowers were actually out front and I kept looking at them, saying “oh my gosh! I need to take a picture of that soon!”

Then, I used a preset called More Cowbell, and when I applied it to the picture, it was way over the top. These flowers are actually on a bush and almost as vibrant as you see in the picture.

Beach Ball

Beach Ball

Our beaches aren’t the best for beach combing. For one thing, large tractors spend early mornings raking the beaches at the strip. We also don’t get many whole shells for some reason. Last summer we got potato sponges though, which looked like large grey potatoes. They stank like bodily waste, and many speculated that a large ship had dumped its sewage tanks offshore. But no, it was nature. Apparently, in turbulent water conditions the sponges can become uprooted from the sea floor and wash ashore. Then they die and immediately begin to decompose, hence the stench.

I don’t know if this ball washed up or was left. I wondered where it may have come from if it had washed up. I began to analyze tides and currents, but in the process of researching, I came upon this. Better than stinky potato sponges, potato CHIPS – in airtight packaging no less! Actually they’re corn, but why be technical about it. That made me hungry, so I gave up researching to get some lunch. I’m easily distracted. I didn’t edit the top photo, but the bottom one I played with in Colorsplash.


Ready for the Big Leagues?

Ready for the Big Leagues?

A young baseball player eating ice-cream is a slice of Americana. This scene could have been captured anytime in the last century. No one needs to know it was actually a T-ball player eating frozen yogurt.


I loved how the timeless pose paired with the contemporary pattern on the upholstered bench. I edited it to mute the reds and make the shot appear more like a Rockwell painting. No one needs to know I took this with my iPhone and edited it with Snapseed. But I did.


Pic Collage

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is not an editing app, but I just think it’s really neat. With it you can create postcards with pictures from your phone’s photo library, Facebook or the internet. You can resize them, move them around, trim them, or use them as background. You can add text or stickers wherever you want and change the background color. It’s really easy.

You can then save the card to your phone and/or share it on FB, Twitter, via email or even as a real snail mail postcard, to people selected from your phone’s contacts. You can type in text on the back, just like a real postcard. The mailed version costs $1.99, but that doesn’t seem unreasonable to me when you consider the cost of cards and postage these days, combined with the ease of creating and sending one of these. Otherwise the app is free.

It is a simple way to share photos with those who don’t have a computer…yes, they’re still out there. In fact, my one surviving grandmother will be the recipient of the one above. And really, don’t we all love receiving real mail anyway? Maybe this will help USPS a little bit. I did my part today.

Beach Toys

Beach Toys

The weather has not been stellar this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped the acceleration of events at the boardwalk and beach. There was some sort of jet-ski celebration going on, and they were strewn all over the beach as we ran up the boardwalk this morning. I thought this a good opportunity to make it a Tiltshift weekend, after Jack’s guest post yesterday. Thanks to my trusty Spibelt, I was prepared.

Here was the original:


After the long run and a pancake breakfast prepared by Mackenzie, I edited this in TiltShift Generator. That’s about all I could manage with these things on wobbly legs and a full stomach.

Guest Post – Mini D.C.

Following is another fantastic guest post from my nephew Jack, with pictures taken during a family trip to Washington, D.C. I am so impressed with what he was able to do with an iTouch. Nice work, Jack!

I liked both of these shots, so I decided to talk about both of them at the same time, since they were both edited with Tilt-shift generator. The first one, which was originally just a bland picture of the capitol. (I’m not saying that the capitol is bland, just for the record.)

When Aunt Sara first introduced tilt-shift, I looked at it and just couldn’t see the “mini” in it. But after her post “Hatsational” I had this moment of “Ohhhhhhhh!”  and all of the sudden I got it. The pictures look like toys! What also helped this app enhance the pictures was the fact that you can adjust saturation which makes the picture brighter and the colors look better. Especially when editing this on my iPod it makes the pictures look better and as if they were from an iPhone.

It's a Plane!

This photo may be a bit confusing. But one day during April Vacation we heard about a shuttle that was going to fly over the mall on the back of a Boeing 747 to be shipped to a Smithsonian. We were all excited, so we rushed down one morning and I took a few pictures. What this app did not provide, that may have made this picture better, was a zoom feature. If it had had this, then you would have been able to see the shuttle, but there isn’t and hopefully there will be soon.

iPhone snapshots of the day

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