Teach a Kid to Fish


Ancient American proverb:

Give a kid a fish and he says “ew!”  Teach a kid to fish and wants to fish for a lifetime.




Sink the Canoe


Today was rainy so there was no swimming. A nap in a movie theater was a suitable alternative. However, the other day was spent paddling, jumping off the dock, and playing sink the canoe. Papa thought it was funny to give the kids the unsinkable canoe. That did up the challenge somewhat.

After I brightened the photo in Snapseed, I used Dramatic Black and White to bring out the contrast and texture of the water ripples and reflect the contemplative/exhausted face on the grandson.


The original is below.


Fake Forest Fire


There was a thunderstorm last night shortly before sunset, and when it cleared, this is what we saw. The sky was unbelievable, but even when taken as an HDR shot, the trees were in darkness. In fact, HDR only muted the sky’s colors. Various attempts at tweaking in Snapseed were unsuccessful in brightening the darkened trees until I simply applied the Drama filter, which I was trying to avoid. Although a grainier picture, the trees are visible, and the sky is still a fantastic firestorm.

Below is the original. I subsequently read a post from the iPhone Photographer, and will now forever adhere to promise #2: “I will…wait for the clouds to break.”


Regal Beagle


Actually, she is a corgi, the same breed as the Queen’s dogs in the video from the Olympics opening ceremony. Her friend, Beth, has been informing curious strangers of that for the past two weeks.

Edited in Tiltshift Generator.

iPhone snapshots of the day

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