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E.T. Encounter

E.T. Encounter

You never know what you’ll see on the strip at night. The city pays performers to do their thing up and down the street. Don’t know if these ones were on the payroll, but regardless, they were Entertaining Tourists.

Edited in Snapseed.


Under the Boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk

This Dairy Queen is supposedly the most profitable DQ in the world. That wouldn’t surprise me, given the traffic it gets in the summer and the prices it charges for tasty treats. A lot goes on at this location, which is next to a stage and large grassy area. A Greatful Dead cover band was performing this night, so the authorities were keeping busy. Besides a physical presence they are able to keep an eye on things in other ways. Another title I considered for this post was “Big Brother With a Capital B”.

I tried unsuccessfully to remove the garbage can in the foreground with Touch Retouch. Unlike the cops, I couldn’t find a way to take out the trash.

Guest POD – Mystery Lake

Mystery Lake

*Another guest post from my nephew, Jack!*

I took this picture on the way to my grandparent’s house up in New Hampshire. I guess I was really missing the mountains, because I actually took about 30 pictures of the view from the shore on this lake. We drove by the lake once, and I tried to take pictures through the window of the car, but they all turned out a little bit blurred. So I asked mom if she would turn around and let me go to the shore and take some pictures. She did, and the view – I later realized – was impossible to capture by any camera. I took the picture with camera+, which is now my new favorite camera app. Then later I edited it with snapseed and picshop. The one thing I don’t like about the picture is the white spot at the top where there should be clouds and a blue sky. I think I must have focused in on the trees too much, but cropping seemed to do the trick. I also tried to edit it with filtermania 2 but I couldn’t quite find anything to help the picture stand out more except for this one.

Unfortunately to my inner pyro, this didn’t help the photo at all. 🙂

*Note – I wanted to have the name of the lake in the title, but after 20 minutes on google maps, I still couldn’t find it, hence the title.



Just a mile from here, stoked folks could be enjoying some gnarly tubes in the Atlantic. Here at our local waterpark some prefer the inflatable kind. Either way, with temps in the high 90s, water is the place to be.

It was also quite refreshing to take out a couple distracting poles with Touch Retouch, then crop and brighten this shot in Snapseed.

iPhone snapshots of the day

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