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Backyard Chronicles #2

When we first moved to our suburban rental house, I found solace at the REI in the nearby mall (which has since closed). Along with a running group I found on Facebook, a trail book I bought there has helped me appreciate living on the edge of civilization. For example, last year I ran a trail 1/2 marathon around the lake behind our house. I decided to do it again since the course was flat, beautiful and so close by.

Waiting for the start as the fog clears.

As you can see, the water level is high. Because of that and unbeknownst to me, the race course was significantly changed in the past week. What was a flat course became one with significant altitude climbs. But that led to some lovely views.

Motorized paragliders (ultralights?) were out.

Looking south and heading up at about mile 7.

Now looking west at mile 7.3 or so.

Still going up.

Finally, running down! Pink tape marks the course.

I am now at a point where I appreciate having all this to enjoy in our backyard while we’re here. It only took me 2 years, and quite a bit of ibuprofen, but I’ve arrived.


Foxy Trail

I ran a really lovely 1/2 marathon course today along the banks of Lake Hodges. The course took us over a stress-ribbon bridge, the longest of its kind in the world according to Wikipedia. The design was chosen for having the least environmental impact on the reservoir. Had I known about the significance of the bridge, I would have taken a picture of it.

All that really concerned me at the time was that temps were in the 50s, the course was relatively flat, Swedish fish were offered at aid stations, and there was free beer at the end.

Rock n Roll West


Julia and I ran the Seattle RnR 1/2 marathon today. It rained yesterday, it will likely rain tomorrow, but today was amazingly gorgeous and perfect for running.20130622-102243.jpg

When we got around to lining up for the race, we found ourselves a couple corrals forward of where we should have been – oops! The guy holding the rope separating us from the corral in front of us kept yelling at people to move forward and stay behind/in front of the rope. We actually had no idea what he was telling us to do, but it made for good laughs among our fellow runners. At one point he had to attend to something and asked Julia to hold the rope. We found it hilarious that someone who took his job way too seriously would so frivolously hand it off to someone who wasn’t even where she was supposed to be.20130622-102257.jpg

We took many photo ops, because how can one not in a city such as this?20130622-102400.jpg



Afterward, we took a visit to the top of the Space Needle. You’ll see those shots tomorrow. A beer and more photos later, my mom picked us up at a Seattle landmark, the Pink Elephant Carwash. This was truly the best way to show someone around town. Sign up for next year today, and you might get a discount!20130622-105208.jpg

At the Start


If you’re a runner you know that not everyone has this kind of view at the starting line of a big race. Especially when there are 20,000+ participants in the race. As Team Hoyt runners, we got to start behind the wheelchair racers and ahead of the elite runners. Those folks quickly overtook us, and it’s safe to say that we were ultimately passed by several thousand. No worries; we got the same medal, banana, water, towel, energy bars, popsicle, gatorade, chocolate milks, fruit cup and beer as they did.20120902-150837.jpg



Our neighbor Dave made Commander, and as is Navy custom he threw himself a party.  It took place yesterday in the alley between our houses after he, his wife, and I ran a 1/2 marathon.  He had a guy bring fresh oysters from N. Carolina. This is another friend of ours, Greg. He brought shucking tools and got to work.

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Expo For Runners…and Others

Expo for Runners...and Others

This is a classic Roger photo. I wonder if he would have observed quietly and taken the shot for it’s irony. Or if, like me, he would have only noticed it later. Dad?

This was taken at the Shamrock Marathon Expo at the VB Convention Center. There are several races being held at the oceanfront this weekend and James and I went to get our race numbers. He’s ran in the kids’ Final Mile race today, and I’ll be running the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. This area houses booths of various vendors and was quite a mob scene. Runners and running paraphernalia stretch wall to wall in an huge convention forum. I wanted to provide a sense of how vast the space was, but couldn’t get a vantage point.  I did manage, however, to document that there are a lot of folks who support runners, if they don’t do much of it themselves.

I straightened it a little in Photoshop Express, but really, no editing could make this picture any better than it is.