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The Yawn

James worked hard to get this. Well, he waited a while, and it eventually happened. Patience has its rewards.



We spent our last day in Santiago busy with experiences both traditional and not. We started off with snacks at a German bakery down the street from our apartment building, which Mackenzie passed many days but had not been into. There is a large German influence in Chile, especially in the South where there are towns in which only German is spoken.

After that we hit a nearby mall so the girls could get overdue pedicures. I forgot to take pics, but suffice it to say, the experience was a bit unconventional. The salon was set up to provide pedicures, but with our feet propped on the workers knees, and each of us sitting in different corners of the room it wasn’t exactly the relaxing, girl bonding experience we’d anticipated. The results were acceptable, though.

From there we speed-walked back to Mackenzie’s house to meet up with her home-stay family who had invited us out to lunch at a “traditional Chilean restaurant.” It turned out to be a pri-fixe, 4 course meal with wine.

We were also joined by the sister of Mackenzie’s “dad,” Rodrigo, and her British husband, who currently live in Cyprus but spend several months on the coast in Chile, in Viña Del Mar. We had high hopes for Keith as he speaks only English, but he turned out to be pretty non-conversational. I guess that’s how their marriage works.

Thoroughly stuffed, Isabel had one more place for us to visit, so Carmen Gloria dropped us off at an artisanal market, Centro Artisanal Los Dominicos.

Instead of dogs, there were cats;

And birds;

And lovely walkways shaded with rustic roofs and greenery, connecting many little studios and shops.

We saw all kinds of traditional crafts and art, including the ceramic figures in the first picture, depicting people in various lines of work, both conventional and contemporary. The artist did not appreciate my photographing, but oh well. I had to do it and I’m glad I did, all week long. Mom’s iPhone photos wherever we go has become a family tradition!

Valpo with Isabel

Using her given name to make reservations and tend to other exchanges has proven difficult, so Mackenzie has taken a new one for doing business in Chile. It makes sense.

Today Isabel took us to Valparaiso, or Valpo, a city on the coast due west of Santiago. We got there via bus and spent the day tromping up and down hills and steps, exploring the vividly decorated neighborhoods.

Along the way, we learned things, not necessarily imparted by our guide, but she did get us where we needed to be. Here are some of the things we learned:

1) How certain candies are made.

2) Why Chile is not known for its beer. It’s gross.

3) That a creaky death-trap of a ride can generate just as much amusement as a pricey, well-maintained one at a theme park, and maybe more.



Tonight we went with one childhood friend and her son to see the art of another childhood friend and her fellow Atelier students. They have been studying under a master teaching artist full-time since September. It was the school’s Spring opening, and also included the work of some established artists. The school is in the same building that used to house the middle school I attended. I hadn’t been back to it since 8th grade.  The kids were most impressed with the snacks.20140509-203959.jpg