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Bird Feeder

We were walking the IB pier today and came upon this gentleman wagging a small mackerel at an osprey perched on a light pole. 

She wasn’t interested in the small fish initially, but his whistles finally brought her down to grab at the meal. They have done this before. 

Thanks to past experience, he knew how much those talons can hurt.

And he dropped the fish before she could grab it.

She swooped back around though, so he raised it again for another pass.

This time, success!

He hasn’t named her yet, but probably soon.

The Fourth


For the 4th, we joined friends at their neighborhood beach club on the lake. We paddle boarded, kayaked, swam, played foosball and ate. And it was just barely warm enough to do it all.


20140705-125034-46234218.jpgD did the most swimming, but JJ did go off the high platform. I was in a kayak with J at the time, so couldn’t document it, but I did get this:20140705-125012-46212358.jpg


20130804-205752.jpgSo much driftwood lines the beaches of puget sound. Past visitors have made forts that the kids and visiting friends played in during a visit to Whidbey Island today. They made new forts too, while Ruth and I obsessively combed the beach for sea glass and unique rocks. Tons of rocks, very little sea glass. 20130804-205717.jpg

After a good greasy lunch, we hit Fort Casey, where we further obsessed in our efforts to spot a seal or whale. We had better luck with sea glass.20130804-205734.jpg

New Beach


Yesterday we went to a local beach on the lake about 10 minutes from our house. Well, it’s less a beach in the way we know one to be, and more a “swim area at a park”, which takes entirely too long to say. So when I referred to it as the beach, the kids would say, “it’s not a beach!” That didn’t deter them from enjoying the place though. Two swam, just as I did growing up, inside the roped-in area, staying clear of the rowboating lifeguards as they swapped out positions, diving for rocks and shells (freshwater clams?) in the murky (but more transparent than VB ocean) water. The third was perfectly happy sunbathing on the shore, which I will clarify, was grass, not sand. Because it wasn’t a beach.20130703-062913.jpg



It’s A Plane!


The Patriotic Festival was at the oceanfront this weekend. Just blocks away, we never had time to make it down. Between a swim meet, baseball game, farewell party and life in general, the best we could do was watch the airshow from our street. For 10 minutes. It was a far cry from a year ago, when the Blue Angels came. We still enjoyed the show, with more interest and enthusiasm than last time.20130602-203102.jpg