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Our friend Bob was in town to see his daughter’s college volleyball team play against a local college team. Her team lost, but we had a fun weekend with him. He took the kids on the court after the game to play around. He was a college volleyball player himself, before he joined the Navy. Back in the day.


Catching Fish

We went fishing with the Lords of the Land today. That’s what I lovingly call the people who own the house we’re renting.

James and I picked up some poles at Walmart, and we all drove into town to meet our landlords who have more experience with the activity than we do, but barely.

Fish weren’t hungry it seemed. One of the highlights was the boys feeding bait fish to the pelicans hanging out at the pier.

Enzo threw a couple, but James was more persistent.

A heron showed up, but he was awful at catching the fish. Yes, his beak is considerable smaller, but he turned his head as of to say, “don’t throw that thing at me!” He really didn’t get it.

If you can’t see the bait fish in any picture, just look to the seagull…his eyes never left it.

Although they caught most, there were times they just couldn’t get a handle on it.

I guess we’re in no place to judge. Our family caught zip. Our friends? 


As I was placing a straw in my water at a restaurant tonight, my husband mentioned that he’d heard on the radio today that some crazy amount of straws are used every day, and since they don’t decompose, duh, there are initiatives to do away with them. So here are the last straws to be used by our family, ever. Until we forget and use one. But we’ll try to remember.

De Los Muertos

Living where we do allows us to experience traditions and cultures of other countries without having to leave our own. Our dinner menu rotations now include Chicken Adobo and Mole for instance. Today some women arrived in the cul de sac and unloaded what appeared to be party decorations. Before long, and with our neighbor’s assistance when they needed a ladder, they had set up this beautiful altar to honor his daughter who died of cancer earlier this year. 

It will remain until next week, after Dia de Los Muertos is over. Between now and then, we can expect people to bring food and drink to the altar, to ensure she is not hungry or thirsty after her long spiritual  journey, should she manage to make it. The tradition has been around in some form for a millennia longer than Christianity, and is celebrated in many countries, so who’s to say she won’t.