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20140326-184703.jpgI never posted this after taking these pictures a month ago. I was inspired by beautiful weather at the end of March to take the kids to see the cherry blossoms at the UW quad. I’d never seen them myself. We found ourselves with many other families of young children under a blanket of blossoms.20140326-184711.jpg

20140326-184730.jpgI later learned that a couple dozen had earlier been removed because of dry rot and a construction project near the new stadium. We didn’t miss them.20140326-184739.jpg


20130227-155835.jpgToday I noticed that bees were going crazy on these plants, which I believe are bolted broccoli. They were planted by students last fall in raised beds behind the elementary school. What work the bees are doing for them now or in the future, I don’t know. But they sure were busy.20130227-155850.jpg