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The Onion* Story

Woman makes what she believes is compelling point, inadvertently bores dog into coma. 

*The Onion


Worldly Observations

This gentleman was leading a group of tourists at Universal Studios, who I had to judge by their shoes and cameras, were from Japan. During our recent visit there, I was struck by the nation’s commitment to DSLR cameras and unique footwear. I’ve never seen as many different styles of shoe as I did on the feet of Japanese train passengers. 

This guy today also had clappy hands 👏 to direct his group, but that was just a bonus.

My own feet were killing me despite my sensible but decidedly American running shoes. So, while the rest of the family was in the souvenir shop, I sat on a curb and marveled at footwear:

I also noticed in Japan that women in particular like to dress like twins. I can’t confirm that these ladies are Japanese, but world travel has opened me up to the possibility that they very well may be. 

Notes to Self and Others

IMG_5086.JPGI like to think of myself as technologically capable. But there is sometimes a little whisper in the back of my brain that says “it’s way beyond you.” I’m pretty sure these notes that reside on most electronics belonging to Roger have something to do with it.  Useful to him, but to me they are reminders that nothing is quite as straightforward as it seems.IMG_5087.JPGPerhaps someone in the ecycling world will create poetry from them:

Records clean, monitors okay!

Does not Trans. No squelch.

Playback (sometimes) left chan noisy.

Phones and line. Open door before writing to A drive.IMG_5088.JPG

An Era Ends and Begins

IMG_4867In case you’re not familiar, this is a Showchron flatbed film editing table.* A cutting edge piece of technology in the 70’s, it is now a behemoth in the basement. Or at least it was.

IMG_5068It has now been adopted by a new generation, who despite all that digital has to offer, still want to explore film. I knew they were out there.IMG_5066.JPG

*This is the first in a series, “Dad’s Basement Diaries.”


Bad is Good

IMG_4772.JPGOne benefit of film photography, in retrospect, is that it allowed us to create more bad pictures than good. Let me explain. Today I am going through several boxes bequeathed to me by my mom when she sold her house. She is still alive and well, but we have more storage space for these things than she does in her new condo. These boxes are full of photos.

Had these photos been produced digitally, it would stand to reason that they wouldn’t have been printed unless they were not only decent, but had been photoshopped, snapseeded, or otherwise paid attention to; the ones I perused today were not, neither before nor after their creation.

Of course there are some keepers in the pile, but it’s satisfying to be able to toss the majority in a trash bag and not feel the least bit compelled to consult mom on the matter. I am thankful so many of these photos are bad. And I know mom will be thankful she didn’t have to spend any time on this particular project. My suggestion for the future: Keep them in the cloud.