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This is a remarkable peach tree. In July, it will bear the most delicious white peaches I’ve ever tasted. We moved into this house two years ago, just as they became ripe. Last year, out landlords instructed us to cull the growing fruit, because it comes in too thickly, as you can see.

These guys would never stand a chance to develop fully, being so close together. As I was pulling a couple off and throwing them over the wall, a dove flew loudly out of the tree. I soon discovered why.

Ten minutes later, she’s still perched on the fence about 30 feet from the tree. I hope she returns to her babies and soon, because as the sun goes down, it’s getting cold. But maybe they will be all right, and only because they are so close together.


Final Lap

This weekend marks the last swim meet for this one, at least for a while. It doesn’t involve a ball, so this sport just doesn’t hold a spot in his heart. Unfortunate, because like his sisters, he’s got the gift.

Maybe water polo…someday.

Pearly Whites

Braces came off today. The orthodontist’s office really made a production of it, sending her on her way with balloons, a bottle of sparkling apple cider, and a bag of chewy, sugary goodies she should have been avoiding for the past two years. And on top of it, it was crazy hair day among the ortho staff. Photo op fail.

Further celebrating involved after school fro-yo with brother. 

When they rot out of her mouth, at least they’ll be straight.

Sick More

I have no trouble recalling the name of these trees because they always look to be on their last legs, even in Spring. I guess the planners of this deciduous tree-challenged neighborhood thought they’d be just the thing we’d like to see on our morning dog walk. As if they might actually provide some respite from the glaring star that flings its blinding rays at us most days here. Now that I’ve shared them with you, I’m hoping I won’t be so offended by them, and we can just get on with our lives. There, I feel better now.