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Three to Three Sisters

Three Sisters is a hiking destination about an hour and 20 min NE of SD, in Cleveland National Forest, which is kind of funny because there are not many trees. The “sisters” are pools of water, stepped below one another. When water is really flowing, there is a natural water slide one could ride between the two lower pools, but today the flow was a trickle, so no one tried it.

On the way we saw a snake:

Not a rattler, fortunately. We also saw lizards, birds, tadpoles, a squirrel, a wild turkey and a dog that was probably someone’s pet but resembled a coyote.

We got an early start, a little after 8. Temps were nice then. The trail began with a slight descent that eventually took us through a shady valley, where we saw poison oak along the trail. We’d been warned: thanks, Grandma.

The trail got a little technical as we neared the pools. There were some rocks to navigate. We came upon the first pool, and realized then there would be no swimming or sliding since the water was pretty low and stagnant. But it was still a nice place to sit and eat PB&J sandwiches.

We were able to make our way with the help of fixed ropes to an upper pool that was fed by a true, but low-flow, waterfall.

WordPress is telling me I don’t have the room to upload more pics, so that has to be it for now.

Above the Waterline

A sunrise trail run today took us over 1,100 feet up. That was handy, because most of the way was literally in a cloud. Refreshing moisture bejeweled hair, plants and spiderwebs.

We broke out shortly before the summit, and were suddenly in a different world.

The sunlight cresting the mountaintop shined through water droplets in the top layer, finally settling on the denser cloud below to reveal a circular rainbow over the mountain’s shadow.

I thought my hiking days were over for the summer season, but thanks to foggy mornings, friends willing to join me on early runs, and an impulsive registration in a trail 1/2 in August, runs in the mountains will continue for a while yet. 😬

Backyard Chronicles #2

When we first moved to our suburban rental house, I found solace at the REI in the nearby mall (which has since closed). Along with a running group I found on Facebook, a trail book I bought there has helped me appreciate living on the edge of civilization. For example, last year I ran a trail 1/2 marathon around the lake behind our house. I decided to do it again since the course was flat, beautiful and so close by.

Waiting for the start as the fog clears.

As you can see, the water level is high. Because of that and unbeknownst to me, the race course was significantly changed in the past week. What was a flat course became one with significant altitude climbs. But that led to some lovely views.

Motorized paragliders (ultralights?) were out.

Looking south and heading up at about mile 7.

Now looking west at mile 7.3 or so.

Still going up.

Finally, running down! Pink tape marks the course.

I am now at a point where I appreciate having all this to enjoy in our backyard while we’re here. It only took me 2 years, and quite a bit of ibuprofen, but I’ve arrived.

From One Mountain to Another

IMG_4374.JPGThe view of Baker and so much more, from atop Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island. We could even see Vancouver’s downtown buildings. It was well worth having to fork out $10 for a Discovery pass, because I left ours at home. It also helps that I found $60 while beach combing after lunch. A stellar vacation day overall. Cheers!