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BZs to the Bird Farm CO  

All those years of balls to the wall paid off for this grunt to brown shoe to gator SWO and mo’. Fair winds and following seas to the Nuke in the house! B&W is best for salty dogs, btw. 

For some fun, check this out. 


Above Base


We took a little field trip today, because we got to do a Video Teleconference with JJ. It lasted for 15 minutes, but we lost connection in the middle of it – apparently that had been happening every 40 minutes or so for the families who had signed up to mega-skype with their sailor. We had to go north of Everett to the “Navy Support Complex” to do it. Besides a sleepy NEX (military department store), there’s not much there. So on the way home we Yelped “lunch” in Everett and found a great sandwich place in a beautiful neighborhood up the hill from the base. 20130723-153400.jpg

A block or two away we found Grand Avenue Park, which overlooks this fantastic view, including the pier the ship will eventually dock at. In the center was this neat mosaic compass rose, commemorating an Everett City Planner who died young in 2006. There was also a memorial to longtime senator, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, who lived right across the street.20130723-185641.jpg

I was reminded of trips to Washington D.C. when I heard, “mom, take my picture in front of it!” 20130723-185655.jpg


Dubai at Home

We found this establishment across the street from our property manager’s sushi restaurant, where we had dinner tonight. Won’t JJ be thrilled to see that when he comes home from cruise, he can relive those port calls right in his own neighborhood? Ha!

Focus on the Details


Much like this ceremony marking a friend’s successful command of a Navy squadron, AfterFocus is adept at handling details. Not only can you use the masking feature to create focussed and blurred regions, you can use it to colorize certain areas of the shot. The smart edit option lets the app do most of the work after you draw just a few lines to indicate what should stay in focus or color, and what shouldn’t. It does a much better job of getting right to the border of your subject than the masking processes in apps like Colorsplash or Juxtaposer, where it can be frustrating. Check out how accurate the app is in getting around the man’s face below (the red tint indicating the focussed or colored area):20121207-162401.jpgNo color guard required here to present colors – just a little touch on the arrow in the upper right and it was ME in command – of the edit I was looking for! This app should get some kind of recognition for its service.


Camouflage Call

Camouflage Call

Here is one reason I love Snapseed. Check out the original:

Even taken as an HDR photo in the iPhone camera, the stern of the ship is so dark, you can’t even see the gentleman this title refers to. In the edited version, he’s still hidden, but you can make him out. With the Selective Adjust function in Snapseed, I was able to hone in and lighten that area without completely washing out the sky. I also added a little filter for drama, to heighten the sense of urgency with which he is clearly taking this call. “Yes dear, I’ll get the Pampers on my way home when I get off duty at 3 a.m.” Thanks to cell phones, no one can hide.