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The Grandest



The northern end of Zion canyon tapers to a region called “The Narrows,” where you can continue venturing but must do so through the icy, silty Virgin river. We stopped here, as did many others who had also ridden the bus shuttle to the last of 9 stops along the canyon. Keeping traffic to shuttles-only in summer (except for visitors staying at the Zion Lodge midway up the canyon) keeps the traffic reasonable. I can’t speak for high summer, but in late September when most American families are tied to the school schedule, the numbers of visitors seem reasonable, but still steady. This is when Europeans know to come.

Anyway, a lot of people collect at this point where some continue on in rented water boots, but many, like us, just hang out and try to not get our feet wet for the walk back to the shuttle. Ironically, I was just the other day explaining to James what the term “bottleneck” means.