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We were lucky to see snow fall on Christmas, and when it let up a bit we went out to get some fresh air. I took the same shot initially with the native iPhone camera and the best I could get was this:20121225-150442.jpgThen I remembered TiltShift Generator…what an improvement. Although now that I see it on the computer, I didn’t focus exactly where I wanted. Darn that iPhone screen. Or darn old age. Or both.20121225-150455.jpg

20121225-150504.jpgWe found this evidence of busy beavers. Both the animals and my in-laws, who stacked all the wood below long before we arrived. 20121225-150510.jpg

Guest Post by Jack


A guest post from my nephew, Jack. What a gift!Image

My family and I went up to Kennebunkport, ME this weekend for a small town celebration called the Christmas Prelude. We went up Friday and stayed through today when we came home. The picture on the top right was the fireworks on Friday night which we were fortunate enough to view from our room during the pouring rain. The picture in the middle on the top is of the Christmas tree in the center of town. The lighting was on Friday as well and we were “entertained” by a group of singers who weren’t that good and off key. I guess that’s because it is a small town. On Saturday we got pictures with Frosty the Snowman and then went shopping. Dad and I were not enthused. That night we went to a church and heard some singers who were surprisingly good. This morning there was the “Christmas Pooch Parade” and it was a parade of dogs dressed up in costumes. The picture on the top right is of a dog we all liked. He was dressed up as a present and kept tripping. The picture on the bottom is of our view of the port from our room. 
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Force of Nature

20121127-183819.jpgI got another app. I heard it was free and it sounded simple. It’s called Bleach Bypass, and both those claims were true. You pick or take a picture, choose an effect (of just several choices, but you adjust the effect’s intensity), and then you save/share the photo.

20121127-183845.jpgThe app purports to “add a cinematic quality” to images and saves them at full resolution. I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but I guess it has to do with vignetting, increasing contrast, muting color, and stuff like that. All I know is I like how the edit came out, and it wasn’t forced into a square format. Good enough for me.

The Squat

20121119-153318.jpgWhen she’s tired, she assumes the position. It’s a tradition, really. On any family outing that requires some pedestrian activity, you can count on a squat or two. She quickly revives. Especially with the promise of hot chocolate.20121119-153346.jpg





20121115-121938.jpgCan you discern the self-portrait in one of these? It’s not my “self”. Here’s an example of what happens when my phone is left unattended in the presence of children, who should otherwise be eating their breakfast: art!

All photos taken with Hipstamatic, apparently.