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20130510-102454.jpgThis is not a junkyard, but rather where we take our cars to be serviced. Martin is inexpensive, honest, thorough, and close enough that we can drop off the car and walk home. He’s a bit of a packrat, specializing in MGs, of which we have none. He finishes work on other types of cars in a more timely fashion.20130510-102505.jpgAs I was heading out I caught sight of this plant growing up from the passenger seat of one of the MGs. He said “the cats used to drink water out of that seat, now there’s a plant there.” I’m not the first to snap a photo: according to Martin, “people like to post them on Facebook.”20130510-102518.jpgHe drew my attention to the bumper hanging on the fence, saying “it’s actually a planter! I’ve got brussel sprouts growing in there. They’re just seedlings now.”20130510-102531.jpg

20130510-102541.jpgI then became aware of a veritable garden. About these he said, “those are my blackberries.” I was getting hungry. 20130510-102555.jpgOne thing’s for sure: junk in a basement doesn’t yield much of a harvest.