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Falling For Autumn

When things don’t change much season to season, one notices the little things.

When it comes to Fall, I’m acutely attuned.

It’s my favorite season. At least every where else we’ve ever lived.

Here it’s just a big joke, really. 

Especially when your neighbor keeps his gargoyles out year-round.


Making Tracks

Today I took a quick jaunt up a well-travelled trail nearby, in prep for a trail 1/2 marathon that will be neither quick nor jaunty this weekend. I encountered this apparent snake trail when I diverted to a different path after seeing this cross the trail ahead of me:

I did my good deed by back tracking a bit to inform a couple of older women hiking behind me that they might want to change course. Fortunately, this weekend there will be plenty of others ahead of me on the trail to scare away the varmints before I get there. Not that I ever was, but there are fewer incentives to being head of the pack these days. I like it.


It’s not much but it’s all we’ve got. Fortunately, it’s growing fast. It’s a silk floss tree (Ceiba Speciosa). It has grown noticeably just in the two years we’ve been here. Down low it’s intimidating, but looking up into its branches gives me hope for some respite in the land of unrelenting sun.

Wiggly Bridge

That’s what kids call it, according to this cool blog I just discovered, after taking this picture. I ventured into town today (from the edge of civilization) for a walk and coffee with a friend. She lives a few blocks from here in a historic home that sits at the end of the canyon this bridge spans. We didn’t walk across the bridge today, but had on another occasion, so I went back after our visit to check it out again. It looks quiet, but there were people behind me, and at the far end a photo shoot was taking place. It was wiggly.